I have been going through the most recently and have been meaning to narrate the ordeal to you guys but the situation keeps unfolding and I think it is best to tell you when God is done working. That blog was meant to be the blog that got me back to being more present with my space here on the internet but I figured that I might as well write about other experiences in the meantime. So here we are.

I recently found out that my name, Barbara, originates from the Greek name Barbaros meaning foreign or strange OR traveler from a foreign land.

I don’t know why until recently I had never bothered to check the meaning of my name, but hey. All of those things are true about me. I could indeed be quite strange, just ask my siblings, but what resonated the most was the ‘traveler’ part of it.

Ever since I could remember, being up and about has been one of my truest joys. I remember always saying that I had to get a job that would let me see the world. I made sure that in whatever form or shape(this is why I can’t get my hands off books either, they literally transport you to another land), travel would be a part of my life and so my wanderlust was birthed. So far I have traveled to 12 countries, 8 of them in Europe. I have picked up a few tips that I would like to share for those with a heart for being on the move and especially in Europe.

Gamla Stan (Old Town in Stockholm, Sweden)

Wanderlust — A strong desire or urge to travel and explore the world. 



Plan your finances, plan your destinations, plan your time! PLAN! Planning goes a long way into elevating your travel experience. With good planning, you can save on expenses such as travel and accommodation simply by booking ahead of time. This means of course then that you had already planned and saved ahead of your trip thus your funds are on the ready. I have managed to score RETURN flights for just 30 Pounds from London to destinations in Europe simply because I booked months in advance. This is the tea guys!


If you are going to be in Europe for a while or planning to go touring, I’d say get a Schengen Visa and visit more than one country. Once you have this, you literally have 26 Countries that you can visit, so whichever tickles your fancy. Just remember to decide on a few certain one’s before hand and book your flights for the Visa application. This way you may get at least a 3 month Visa and you have 3 months to go round. You can also book one or two flights and write a letter to include in your application stating your intent to travel more in the near future and thus your request for a longer period of your Visa. I say this because best believe these embassies can give you a Visa JUST for the duration for your stay after spending money on the application!


SkyScanner , Go Euro and the likes are the PLUG! Save your coin! Get friendly fares and see the world!

Pena Palace — Sintra, Portugal 

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” — 


I have had to learn how to pack light! If you are not trying to pay extra for your luggage then you’ve got to pack light. Buy a cabin friendly suitcase or duffel bag and fit everything in there. It also helps when you’re trying to navigate the busy airports and don’t have such heavy luggage slowing you down. It is not fun trying to run to your terminal and nearly missing your flight because your luggage was in the way.

Alternatively, I guess you could always get to the airport hours in advance. — but even then, I nearly missed a flight when I was super early! I was busy enjoying my free time, reading a book, eating and using the loo only for me to look up and it was boarding time! Thing is… the gate was SOOOO FAR away, had it not been a full flight, I definitely would have missed it. I digressed but you get the point.


Traveling is all about taking in the moments and making memories. Be present, be fully and wholly present. Once the Instagram stories and pictures have been taken, put away the camera, turn off your social media and just BE! Experience the culture, the food, the music, practice the language if you can, just be in the moment. It is these memory pockets that will keep you afloat when you’re wishing that you’d rather be on holiday than at your work desk. It is these experiences that will grow you and shift your perspective. They will teach you to appreciate what you have and those around you. Through them you will interact and build friendships with people who will become your truest and greatest friends and support systems. It doesn’t hurt that when you visit those places again you may have a place to stay and there is your accommodation covered 🙈(just saying).

Glasgow, Scotland 

There is magic in travel. Something about the change in scenery and way of life in the different places. Let it start a new fire within you. I’m always so pumped right after a trip away, I feel like I can conquer the world. Use this fire, transform your life! I have to say that travel is one of the greatest investments you can make and it doesn’t even have to be an international trip. Your country alone holds so many hidden travel destinations so there’s no excuses!

East Side Gallery — Berlin, Germany 

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us” — 



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