Sometimes I write but my musings never get to see the light of day for some reason or another. I think I wrote this piece at some point in 2016 . I am not too sure why it never went up but reading it today, it seems so fitting especially as I start a new phase in life: life after my Master’s. It is just as well that we are close to the new year (okay 2 months shy, but still) and there’s no better time to start preparing for it than now. I think what I get from it now is not necessarily the presence of a physical vision board but rather the importance of having a VISION to start with. A vision coupled with a drive to see it to fruition. I hope my 22 year old self motivates you as much as she motivated me. Happy reading and all the best! 

When I logged on to WordPress this morning, I knew I was going to write a lengthy post about the Vision board that I had been planning to make for a while and had finally got round to making.

As per usual, just so that I can validate this “Writer” title you all have bestowed on me, I checked up the word vision and particularly looked for its synonyms so that I could pick out a title that showed off my prowess with words (lol) and just, well, just so that you can delve into this piece without hesitation. You know how you end up reading articles etc just because you saw the use of a GRAND word and you were like “This person MUST be on to something, “ and so you end up reading a lengthy article about everything and nothing?

Prescience stood out for me and when I checked up it’s meaning I knew it was the title for this particular post. It took my message right home. The 1000+ words that I will probably write were summarised by this one word.I had my title!

Prescience is EXACTLY what a vision board is meant to be or in retrospect what it actually IS.

When making a vision board, you make sure to put down all the things you would want to see become a reality in your life.

You paste a picture of your dream car there, your dream job, hair goals and sometimes even get down to the nitty gritty of exactly how you want your bedroom in your dream home to look like. (By now you maybe have an idea of what is on my vision board, lol)

The reason you even get down to making the vision board in the first place is because you believe that your dreams on it will be actualised one way or another. One way or another, you will attract the right energies and in a few years you will be pulling up in the car that you had dreamed would be yours. Not only do you believe your dreams will come to fruition, YOU KNOW, and I don’t know what else that could be if not Prescience.

There is no reason for a vision board in the first place if you don’t already KNOW that what you dream of will be a reality, is there now?

Slowly, one happening after another, you realise that the secret, the one that I talked about Here is real. You look at your vision board and you start ticking off the things you have realised and then you begin to make plans for your next vision board.

The mechanics and science of vision boards had been passed on to me back in my Kianda days and I had vision boards to show for them, but growing up happened, my 24hours in a day became 12 and I was no longer making vision boards.

However, I continued to dream big and my mind became the canvas in which my visions were laid. Recently though, after reading different articles and watching the secret I decided that it was time to claim my blessings by putting them down in writing.

There is a power that comes with declaring and claiming your blessings in writing and what better way to spend your Sunday afternoon if not with colourful colours , bright manilla paper and all manner of artists delights you can find to spruce up your vision board?

I have massive dreams for my life and to be honest half of them scare me. Others make me think twice about their very possibility and others would make me a laughing stock because of just how far fetched they seem, but it’s about time I start working on making them happen because we all know how sweet that last laugh is.

You have everything you need to make your dreams happen , all you need to do is believe you can and watch God work wonders and miracles in your life.

Get that vision board up and have it as the first thing you look at as you set out for your day just to remind you that you have to be intentional with your actions. To remind you of your end goal everyday so that you don’t find yourself sidetracked and on the wrong path. Have your vision board up so that you stay focused.

Have it up to remind you that you are enough and that you CAN!

Have a vision board even if it is for the mere fact that you want to call me out and prove me wrong…just have a vision board, I need your input as statistics anyway. Besides, what can be so bad about spending an afternoon picking your brain and playing with colour?

But more than a vision board, dare to DREAM! Dare to want the greater things in life. Dare to take the risk and work towards them. Dare to be UNIQUE and different. Dare to be someone. Dare to be GREAT! Dare to….Dare, because it is the first step to Greatness.

Meanwhile I shall be ticking off my dreams from my mental vision board and living it up as I tick off those from my physical ones.

Il check in at the end of this year to let you know how it all goes.

If you have a vision board and you have seen the power of declaring and claiming your dreams especially with words, please share below. Stories like those are inspiring and if you don’t already to know,I love to read and I love a good inspiring story.

Godspeed to all of you 🙂

Love and Love,



Prescience : the fact of knowing something before it takes place; foreknowledge.



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