THE PRICE OF JUSTICE — Justice is Served

Without Prejudice

Eventually, Nayim and I found a new place and we were able to move in together. It felt so good to be in my own space. I loved staying with “Aunty Sammy” (Her nephews called her that) but I really longed to be in my own space. Being an introvert, I needed a space where I could retreat to and re-energize. I loved the new space.

I continued to pursue the court case as a Litigant in person as we did not have the money to pay for a lawyer (to be honest we did not look up how much it would cost but it would definitely be pricey). I filed the necessary documents and followed up with the courts every so often. I would ask Samantha to check if I got any mail and would stay updated with all the laws I needed to know incase I had to defend our case in court.

and then… WE WON!

Wewon the money claim by default and the court ordered Flintons to pay what was owed to us. We were excited but the excitement was short lived. Flintons refused to pay and decided to challenge our claim in court. Now I would really need to defend our case in court.

It was frustrating that they were taking us round in circles and we were back to square one. I kept asking God why this was happening to me but I was assured that only good was going to come from it. At that point anything “good” seemed so far fetched. But faith is blind. It is believing when you have no proof that what you are praying for will come to be. It is surrendering it all to God and let Him be in control. I continued to pray.

The court wrote to us and said that we would need to appear in court but we had to wait for a date to be given to us. I only had a month left to be in the UK and I tried to get them to set the hearing date before I left but this did not happen. The fight left in me was dwindling. The chances of getting justice were looking bleak.

We graduated and came back home.

We heard nothing from the courts in weeks and then the weeks turned into months. I was lost. I tried to hold on to faith but this was challenged by doubt and hopelessness. However, it was in this constant battle that my faith grew. God manifested in other areas of my life and I started to feel like myself again. He was speaking with regards to my career, my relationships, my goals and my aspirations.

He showed His faithfulness when one of the girls we made friends with after finding out that she too had been duped by the same company reached out to me. “I got the money back, they paid us.” I had helped her put together her claim and challenged Flintons and just like us, they won the claim. I assume the company did not want to be entangled in another court case and so they offered to pay them and settle the matter out of court. I was ecstatic for them. They were foreigners in London and English was not their first language. They were devastated when they lost their money and had no idea what they could do to get it back. At least my efforts had not gone to waste. However, I constantly wondered why the company would offer to pay them and not us. I chose to praise God. Should we not ever get justice, at least they did.

Weeks went by and on a random Sunday in February, I asked Samantha to check if we had any mail from the court. We did. The hearing date had been set and we missed it. We missed our fighting chance. I was devastated. After all the effort I had put in, I couldn’t believe it had gone down the drain with one hearing date. Why would God let that happen? It was beyond me.

I called my friend Danson and told him the news. He was sad for me but as he had been telling me for months, he reiterated, “Surrender it to God Barbara, there is nothing you can do now.” He was right. I had really fought. I had done everything by the book. I had followed procedure. There was nothing more I could do.

I wrote a final “What more can I do” sort of email to the courts and they more or less asserted that there was nothing I could do unless the judge decided otherwise. It was really over.

I begun working on moving on and thanking God for the journey it had been because it had been quite something. This experience stretched me. It was one of the lowest points I have ever been in my life. I lost motivation to do anything. I stopped writing. I lost weight. I cried all the tears I possibly could BUT I also grew. I grew in my faith and in my spiritual walk. I called on God to reveal Himself to me in different areas of my life. I asked Him to help me know Him. I asked Him to do life with me and it has been beautiful. It has not been easy but it has been worth it. I stopped worrying, I stopped trying to carry everything on my own. Why, when I have a Father who says that all I need to do is trust in Him? A Father who loves me so deeply and whose only plans for me are of hope and a prosperous future?

My God does not sleep.

Justice came through His name.

To cut a long story short, I eventually got in contact with a representative from Flintons (something that had not been possible before, because all we got was shadow names and aliases) and after a few emails, she wrote back and said that they would like to settle out of court. They were going to pay us and we would finally close this chapter of our lives.

When I tell you I could not believe it, FAAAM! It had been 9 months of tears, constant back and forth, more money spent and here she is saying that it is going to be all over?

All I can see is God’s hand. This was not about me or Nayim or the money (which is currently sitting pretty in my account, praise be to God). This was about Him. This was for His glory. For me to see His power. That all I needed to do was surrender the matter to Him and everything would fall in place. It was about blind faith. It was about defending the rights of those who couldn’t help themselves. It was about His love for us. It was about His faithfulness , He is a just God. It was about the power we hold as children of God. That we should declare His name and surrender to Him. It was about trust in Him. To know that He goes before us and sets straight the path. All we need to do is rest on His promise.

My faith has been elevated and I thank God for this experience. I was still flawed and did not trust the way the He wanted me to, but I am not where I was before this experience. He says go and I will go, no questions asked.

I have been writing this three piece series since September last year but I could never get past a few paragraphs. The whole experience was so painful. I could not express it. However, as God worked, the more words I could get in and here we are now. The work is complete.

Whatever you are going through at this moment in your life. That thing that is weighing you down and crushing your spirit. Whatever it is that is sucking the life out of you. Surrender it to GOD. He can do what no man can do. He has the power. All we need to do is put our Faith and Trust in Him and He will handle the rest. He will not forsake you. He will fight for you. He will ensure that JUSTICE IS SERVED.

God loves you.

Love and light,





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    Perfect read keep it up Barbara

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