It is here! It is finally here…!

At this point we are basically halfway into the year, one more month but hey, potato , potatoe!

I am so excited for this month.

I am turning 23 this month and it feels like a re-birth of sorts.

It means a do-over. Another chance to do everything right. A chance to challenge myself further. To set and achieve new goals. To live.

It hit me.

It hits me.

It hits me, I never take action.

It literally hit me this time and I couldn’t ignore it.

It was about that time that I practised what I preached.

Preach wine and drink wine.Fine wine.

Because It is meant to be fine. Just fine. Like fine wine.

It will be now though and I am ecstatic!

I finally took a leap of faith. I finally let go….or rather I was pushed off the edge and I did not hold on.

It was time to take the risk. It is what life is about anyway….risk taking. Right?

One of you responded to my desperate plea for topics to blog about and so today we are here! 20 lessons I have learnt in my 20’s. My dear readers request was a post on 30 things to do in your 20’s but I think this is more fitting.

One because, I have barely lived through my Twenties and two because, I don’t know whether I have completed my own list on “things to do”. I however, shall be sure to do a post on that once I have enough content! Lessons however, those I have in plenty, so sit back, relax and read away 🙂

For some reason, I can never post these “taking stock” posts up on time. What is wrong with me, but I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. I also think its a fun TAG to do so why then not go ahead and do your own series and leave a comment below with a link to your blog so that I can read yours as well!

Happy New Month my loves,

I have heard about it and read about it from anyone who is anyone and everyone who is everyone, but I couldn’t for the life of me understand the thought process of the characters involved! Growing up to them was the worst thing that could ever happen and I myself couldn’t even begin to fathom exactly how their Cerebrum, Medulla Oblongata and all else worked! How could anyone in their right mind not want to grow up?

I am so excited for 2016, I cannot even contain myself! I don’t know if it is because I am finally done with undergrad and taking the next step in life or just the usual excitement a new year brings! What I can tell you though, is that I can almost feel the awesomeness that this year willl be, vibrating in my bones!

As per usual.It probably has become monotonous now. I shall find something new for next year! But for now…LEGOOO! 🙂

I have been making plans to throw down for my family for a while now, and now that I have time on my hands, it is a PLAAAN!

Any ideas on what I should cook for them? I am so excited though, every time I get to cook for them makes me feel like I am filling in mum’s shoes! It feels like home again.

I am still drinking water on a daily! My skin is singing praises!

I am currently reading all things finance and excel! I really miss the days I had time for novels…I can’t wait for next year to get more reading in.

I really want to see the results of all these gym workouts! YAAS, I finally joined the gym and I LOVE it! #Newbodycomingsoon

Playing JB Purpose! Call me a #Belieber.

Wasting no time to get some sleep in! I was up at 6am this morning out of the house running errands, back by 11…slept from 11am to 4pm….see my life? #Beautysleep bruh!

Wishing I was playing in the snow in Sweden with my mum, waiting to usher in a white Christmas! She probably would be watching me though…the cold was not her buddy!

Enjoying the free time I have to REST! I feel like I started the year on my feet and I didn’t get two minutes to catch a breath, so I am definitely enjoying this.

Wondering whether it is possible to see results after two months? I am really anticipating that #Flattummy guys!

Loving the fact that I can say that this has been the most challenging year yet and that I rose above it all! Failing was not an option no matter how hard it got and I MADE IT!

Marvelling at the strength and endurance you can master if you stay focused and set on the end goal! The ten thousand nervous breakdowns are a NON ISSUE!

Listening to CHAINS by Nick Jonas.

The need to hashtag everything today is REAL! 🙂

Wearing a loose maxi dress…standard dress code after gym! Loose and Comfortable.

Following Quantico has become my new favorite thing to do! I am addicted to crime and investigation series, this explains my choice of studies for my Masters. Can’t wait for the first day of class!

Noticing that today is probably the fifth time or so this whole year that I have sat in the TV room watching teli! You mean this is what the chill life looks like?

Thinking that 2016 will be a GOOOOOOOOOOD Year! My nigga I feel it! 🙂

Feeling super EXCITED that I will be done with my undergrad on FRIDAY!!! Whoop whoop…..Its been a good three and half years,a degree and a minor later, and  its about that time! #Graduatethings

I am Bookmarking all the books and articles I want to read next year!

Opening the KRA website…I finally retrieved my Pin. It’s been a whole year coming. I am actually quite embarrased that it took me that long but hey!

Giggling at all the jokes being cracked on this Baby Daddy show on 115…lol

What is your December looking like? I feel like its the perfect time to take STOCK for the whole year (Yeah I know, Captain obvious) and just reflect #Clichequeen! I have been taking a few minutes in the sauna everyday to do this and I might do a post,MIGHT!

Well anyway….I hope you get time to do the same.

Have a lovely week my readers, thank you for all the love you have shown me this year! It has been a great blogging 1 year journey! 66 posts, 1199 followers,7600 views and 3,283 visitors later! I cannot wait for many more to come!

P.S. I was going to do a blogversary post but it sucks that my blogs anniversary falls on the day just before my mothers passing anniversary and this year I couldn’t get myself to write.

ANNNNNNNYWAY, you guys have been AMAZING! THANK YOU A Million times over. I love you all!






“They say time’s supposed to heal you, but I ain done much healing”

I have probably spent close to three hours looking for pictures of  you. Going through everything I had in my archives made me realize that behind the camera is where you liked to be! You wanted to be the one to capture the moments and keep them close! But then again the “selfie” wasn’t as big in your time….lol

I found pictures though, turns out other people liked you in front of the camera and giiiiiiiiiiiirl I know why! You stunning pretty little miss thang! 🙂

Today was hard mum, i never thought it would be, but there’s something about having you as my first thought when I wake up and you remaining just that, a thought! There’s no option to call or text, there’s no planning of dates because I miss you, nothing….just a Hello from the other side 🙁

I’m sorry my “hello” came with tears but when it comes to you my tears run through uncontrollably,especially when we are out here  talking about how ” It’s been two years since…” An uncontrollable faucet…

I was absolutely unproductive today! I did nothing but stare at your pictures . Ocassionally I got distracted with the internet and its wonders but then my thoughts were quickly re-directed to you.

“Are you okay?” That had to be the hardest question I had to answer all day. How do I say yes when I mean no because im busy trying to avoid a pity party, and at the same time push back the tears at the brim of my eyelids just waiting for that trigger emotion?

It was hard, but easier than it was two years ago when I got the horrible news. Definitely easier than when I saw you wrapped up in that white linen. Much easier mum,than when I had to pay you tribute and the words were being blocked by hot tears and i really had to force myself to pull it together.Easier than when I had to let you go six feet under, alone. Much easier mum, but hard all the same.

I don’t know why you can’t be here today, I don’t know why you have to miss all my big moments, I don’t know why I don’t have the chance to tell current stories and have an ” In fact my mum said….” or “My mum was asking…”

Let me not be selfish though, I am glad PAIN is not a word in your vocabulary! That Joy, laughter and sunshine are the order of your days. I am glad that you are well. I believe that you are well.

This was me just checking in, a hello from the other side on your anniversary!

Stay well pretty,





                                                   Making: Plans to get away soon. I find it therapeutic whenever I leave my niche for a few days or months and just go out somewhere and experience life in a different way.It always comes in handy when I feel like I need to take a few steps back and see how far I have come and then re strategize.

Also making new friends…..Hah, conflict is a funny thing. You find out people who were rooting for you under wraps and you build a sweet sweet friendship!

Listening: To a lot more music at the office. Thanks Thegi, Eric, Oliver, Steph and Chief 🙂

                                                 Cooking Eating: KFC meals at the office! Best clients ever! 🙂 #Satisfied

                           Drinking: If you don’t already know my staple drink, I don’t know how else to drill into you guys! :p

Reading: STILL on John Grisham! I don’t know if that gives you a picture of how busy I am? I have canceled on so many people that some think I am avoiding them. I really am not though. Life is just moving so fast.

Wanting: A holiday!

Missing: My baby brother! Can’t wait to see the child. They grow up so fast jamani!

Wasting: No time loving myself! It is the best relationship ever. That with self. Ask me and I shall tell you 🙂

Wishing:  I really wish I could go on that holiday soon enough!

Realising:  That I might just not get what I want 🙁

                                                Enjoying: MY NEW PHONE! Finally! I got my hands on a brand new baby! My struggles just got cut down by half!! Thank God.

Liking: Where I am at and thanking God everyday for it.

                                                Wondering: Whether I will ever find a more exciting office to work at compared to my current!Everyday is a new adventure at this place and it makes me want to come to work every morning! I absolutely love this space! Best working environment yet!

Loving: The feeling of butterflies in my tummy. Emotion is a crazy thing!

Marvelling: at the nerve that certain individuals have.

Needing: To arrange my room as soon as possible. My mum would have been on my back by now if she found it in its state. If I was lucky though, she would end up arranging it on my behalf ! Oh bless her soul. I love you mummy!

Smelling: Sweat Pea fragrance by Bath and Body Works thanks to my girl Terry. Thank you 🙂

                                 Wearing: Monochrome outfits this week. Lady In white, Woman in blue…Black on back. You name it 🙂

Noticing: That people who knew my mother stare at me for so long when I am not paying attention. Turns out I look like her more and more every day, something like a spitting image of her!

Knowing: That I need to get over my fear of speaking on front of large groups of people. It has reached a point that it has now become a necessity! I need to get out of my comfort zone!

Thinking: I need to mentally prepare myself for the next three months. It will be a challenge like no other. I am usually scared to the bone about new challenges but at the same time very excited because I always come out of them better than I went in.

                                                    Feeling: Fuzzy Inside after Tuesday!!

I want to write more to you and I hope this month I can do just that. I am doing everything I can to keep my creative juices flowing but the fact that I mostly write about my lifes events makes it a bit harder. I also noticed that many of you like it more when I write about personal experiences where you can almost feel the emotion as if you were me.

So,,,, how about you comment below and tell me what experiences I should talk about from a personal perspective? It can be anything and EVERYTHING. Relationships, Losses…Life experiences , ANYTHING, and I promise to write from the deepest part of my being! From that very part that makes you guys cry and read more everytime I talk about my mother. Deal?

I love you all, thank you for staying loyal to my blog and have a splendid month!! Love and Love, B!! xx