So many people have written about this, commented about it, told stories and it might be ever so cliche, but I have to. I really have to.

I knew sooner or later I was going to hear one of those comments that make you want to eye roll real quick and then walk away ashamed for the person because of their ignorance, However, i did not expect it to be in the first conversation ever held in Sweden.


Hej !

Here are a few things I think you need to have to be one step closer to being a swede. As well as benefits of being a swede. I will probably mix them up. We can also say I have been paying close attention to the swedes and almost studying them…I’m no creeper though. Just saying.

So here we go. The swede starter pack.

It wouldn’t be doing justice if I was in the Scandinavian region and did not tour all the three countries, ergo Norway was a must!!

And so it was told that they went south of Sweden and into Norway. A week full of adventure, beauty and ‘firsts’.

Maybe I should start this one with the hashtag  #JesuisCharlie. Maybe the newspaper shouldn’t have been so satirical. Maybe the Muslims shouldn’t have taken it so personally. Maybe we should all respect the freedom of expression. Maybe I shouldn’t get into this. Maybe just maybe…but what stands out is that people died, blood was shed, someone lost their loved one, someone lost their mother. For that reason then #JesuisCharlie. May their souls rest in peace.

So my next post was going to be about the people and culture of the Danes…mostly the people. We all know that is one key point of travel ,to be able to see how a different culture operates and what not. BUT….we can’t discuss that today. I HAVE TO TELL YOU about yesterday.

So I was moving cities from my little lovely city Växjö to another little city in Sweden called Sala. See I have one more week left here so I am doing a bit of local tourism but also because the journey from Sala to Arlanda C ( The airport ) is just one hour away and you take a direct train. From Växjö however, you have to make two train changes and there is no way I can start dealing with that kind of stress when I’m trying to catch a plane.

This is why.

I really have to say though, it is not been exactly 6 months. it is like 5. something, but its easier to say 6, so 6, yes? good.

So now, I mentioned earlier how each country taught me something and impacted me in a different way. I really did mean that. It was not me just trying to add to the word count of that post. lol

okay so walk with me.