Death – “The end of the life of a person or an organism”

– “The termination of all the biological functions that sustain a living organism”

There are many definitions to describe death. Each one of us probably has a definition of what they think death is. That then possibly gives us 7.3 billion definitions no? However, for me the view point of death that hits home the hardest is that it can be desscribed as the “Imparmanence of one on earth”

Imparmanence! Not permanent! Not perpetual! IMPARMANENT!

I have never really thought about my death day before BUT i do mention the phrase ” Life is Short” every other day. When someone passes on, when I find myself stressing over something and even when I nearly get into an accident because a matatu (Public transport in Kenya) driver somewhere believes he owns the road. Public road! His? How? Why? Maybe let us not get into that before I completely go off topic and begin to fume over these guys. Life is short.

So back to it then….It is indeed short. Fall sick tomorrow and by Sunday there is no more you. Walk out of the house and lose your life because of a reckless driver somewhere Or….You just do not wake up.  I know….I probably sound crude, with no feelings or emotions, insensitive but it is the damn truth. You just might not be tomorrow. We already know this, I just do not know how many of us have this resonating with our being. Fully encompassing its meaning and beginning to think twice about our lives. Are you ready? For a time that you will be no more? For a time they will be no more.

As I slowly direct my thoughts about death, my death, a few minutes every day, I realize the importance of living this dear life I have to the full. With no regrets, no grudges, no stress, no what ifs. No question marks AT ALL!

I highly associate death with that of my mother and for me a big part of its meaning is influenced by her absence. The regrets I have of times that I should have spent with her, of things I should never have said to her and even those that I should have. The feeling of absence there is in the house, her absence. The feeling I get when people talk about how much I resemble her. A feeling that should essentially be a good thing and one that I am proud of , of which I am, but one that brings sad emotions, tears to my eyes. Death. I really hate thinking about death.

However, the fact that I do every day sort of shapes the direction in which I want my life to take. Getting rid of everything that burdens my heart and making ammends.

To live a full life according to me is not only to fulfil the purpose that I was put here to accomplish but with it to ensure that I lived with no burdens. I have decided to let go. I have let go of all grudges that I have ever held with others. I have forgiven and made ammends with those who hurt me. I pray for those who continue to hurt me but I make sure that from my end no hard feelings are harboured against them. I do not want to suffer lest they leave and all I had was hate and anger towards them. I purpose to ensure, that even with inevitable conflict because of our human nature, that the days do not pass by without making any reconciliations.

This life is indeed short and to live it right is essential. To live it stress free. To live it worry free. Make peace with yourself and with others. Do the things that make you happy. Say everything that you feel should be said. Sing even when you canot sing. Dance even if your expertise is in the ” White man moves ” .Love, love so deeply and do not be afraid. Laugh, Laugh out loud until it hurts, laugh until it hurts in your stomach. SMILE 🙂 Make sure that you will be able to say you have no regrets.


When death comes knocking at  your door…..surrender. Give in because you know you have lived your life. Done your part. And now it is time to go home. To be with the almighty. Death should not frighten us….ours and that of others. As long as we have made our impact , positive impact. It is all that matters.

That said….I think I am still scared of death. What if I don’t get enough time to do everything? But that is a story for another day.



Love and Love



They say a lie is a false statement made with all intention for it to be False.


When we lie, we mean to lie. We have logically prepared our minds and convinced ourselves that the words that come forth from our mouths will be untrue; False!

We lie for various reasons, none that justify the deceit that is brought upon by the lies but reasons all the same. Reasons that make us feel somewhat better for the action we took by choosing to tell the lie. Reasons that make absolute sense in our heads we could almost convince others that the Lie will set you free!

However, that is just it. It does not set you free. Far from it. It plunges you deep into a hole that is so difficult to climb out of ,you almost question your very intelligence. Because with an IQ like yours, surely you would have known that no lie did ever set any man free. You should know nothing is for free, not even lies! You have to pay for those too.

You see the thing with a lie is that it prompts you to keep lying to be able to cover the previous lie and within no time it becomes a vicious cycle. I am convinced that lying is a disease of the mind that consumes you. (See what I did there? no?hmmph)

Consume?Absolutely! You see now, you have to keep lying to hold down the lie and then there after, you better goddam remember every lie you told to cover the lie,lest you get caught lying about the lie. How exhausting though and if you’re like me with a goldfish memory then you are bound to get caught because eventually you forget. That means if you’re like me, you usually avoid telling lies because it is inevitable that you will get caught faster than the thief who has 40 days.


Now I can see all of you judging and wondering what type of vicious lie I told to prompt this post. WELL…stop JUDGING! While I did not exactly lie..I did not tell the truth and even withheld information but when you’re flat out called dishonest you need to sit down and CHECK yourself.

Everyday I learn something about myself that leads to growth and when I sat down and thought about the said situation it did turn out that the word ” LIAR” would be a perfect description of what I was being at that moment.

You see never once did I think that I was lying when it came to this particular situation. I mean I just did not tell the whole story and when questioned on a particular point, I well..lied. But you see I didn’t lie first…I just did not say anything. Hmmph, see how I convinced myself?In my opinion I was not giving complete information so as to protect the person. I however learned that there was no one I was protecting but myself. My reason to justify my lie just went out the window and realization struck!

How selfish was I being? How much more trouble was I causing and how silly was I being giving this person a chance to lose any trust they had in me. I lied with no intention of hurting the person but the repercussions went far beyond hurting the person.In fact “hurt” was the least of their worries.

I have learned my truth lesson the hard way. It is better you tell the truth even when you think that the truth will have a bad outcome rather than tell a lie that will haunt you forever because even I don’t know how to recover from this dishonesty. Sorry will not do and there’s no taking back the moment. I don’t have the opportunity to say Yes when I already said No, when Yes is what I so badly want to say now.

I am so embarrassed I would have the ground swallow me whole. I have no idea how to approach this person again because I feel like such a fool and trust me “fool” is not a category that has been  factored in my five year plan of growth and success.

You can be sure the next time I try to “protect” someone from the truth will be NEVER! Il tell it like it is even if it means falling out with someone. I would rather this consequence any day than the disease of constant lying that is a losing battle for people with goldfish memory. Why even try?

What is it with me and always writing about cliche life lessons? You’ve probably heard this one before except it was titled The Truth Shall set you Free, right? And indeed it shall !

Here is to truth saying, Always! No matter the cost or consequence. Call me out if I ever falter because I cannot put up another post like this, shaming your own self is hard man.

Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor! My end destination is heaven so for sure, CAll me OUT!

love and love