You see the thing about growing up is that the seasons become more apparent, more real. They are noticeable and now all of a sudden carry great meaning. You begin to get invites for different occasions and many a times the invitation is addressed to you and not your parents.

You are well past the age where you attend weddings of your parents’ friends or funerals of third generation uncles and aunts you probably never met. You are past the age where you were dragged to baby showers and 1st year birthday parties of children you don’t even know.

Everything changes.

se.cret : Something that is not properly understood; a mystery

 : A valid but not commonly known or recognised method of achieving or                    maintaining something

This definition hits it right smack in the middle.

It captures everything that this is.

It captures exactly what the secret is.

A few weeks ago he asked me whether I had watched the secret and that if I hadn’t I should get right on it.I promised I would watch it soon but life happened and it was not until another two weeks, give or take, had passed that I watched it.

Lizzie GuilbertI still lie awake at night wondering why you can’t just fight for me. You seem to have a repertoire of excuses of why I’m not worth the pursuit, but kept insisting that you didn’t want to lose me. I have to let you go because if I don’t I’m going to let you…

via I Can’t Stop Wondering If You’ll Ever Fight For Me — Thought Catalog

It’s not many times I get judged for reading a book. Heck,  I don’t think I’ve ever been judged for reading a book, at least no judgement that I know of. However, a book must be onto something if you’re going to get side eyes just from holding it. 


It is here! It is finally here…!

At this point we are basically halfway into the year, one more month but hey, potato , potatoe!

I am so excited for this month.

I am turning 23 this month and it feels like a re-birth of sorts.

It means a do-over. Another chance to do everything right. A chance to challenge myself further. To set and achieve new goals. To live.