One of you responded to my desperate plea for topics to blog about and so today we are here! 20 lessons I have learnt in my 20’s. My dear readers request was a post on 30 things to do in your 20’s but I think this is more fitting.

One because, I have barely lived through my Twenties and two because, I don’t know whether I have completed my own list on “things to do”. I however, shall be sure to do a post on that once I have enough content! Lessons however, those I have in plenty, so sit back, relax and read away 🙂

I have heard about it and read about it from anyone who is anyone and everyone who is everyone, but I couldn’t for the life of me understand the thought process of the characters involved! Growing up to them was the worst thing that could ever happen and I myself couldn’t even begin to fathom exactly how their Cerebrum, Medulla Oblongata and all else worked! How could anyone in their right mind not want to grow up?

As per usual.It probably has become monotonous now. I shall find something new for next year! But for now…LEGOOO! 🙂

I have been making plans to throw down for my family for a while now, and now that I have time on my hands, it is a PLAAAN!

Any ideas on what I should cook for them? I am so excited though, every time I get to cook for them makes me feel like I am filling in mum’s shoes! It feels like home again.

I am still drinking water on a daily! My skin is singing praises!

I am currently reading all things finance and excel! I really miss the days I had time for novels…I can’t wait for next year to get more reading in.

I really want to see the results of all these gym workouts! YAAS, I finally joined the gym and I LOVE it! #Newbodycomingsoon

Playing JB Purpose! Call me a #Belieber.

Wasting no time to get some sleep in! I was up at 6am this morning out of the house running errands, back by 11…slept from 11am to 4pm….see my life? #Beautysleep bruh!

Wishing I was playing in the snow in Sweden with my mum, waiting to usher in a white Christmas! She probably would be watching me though…the cold was not her buddy!

Enjoying the free time I have to REST! I feel like I started the year on my feet and I didn’t get two minutes to catch a breath, so I am definitely enjoying this.

Wondering whether it is possible to see results after two months? I am really anticipating that #Flattummy guys!

Loving the fact that I can say that this has been the most challenging year yet and that I rose above it all! Failing was not an option no matter how hard it got and I MADE IT!

Marvelling at the strength and endurance you can master if you stay focused and set on the end goal! The ten thousand nervous breakdowns are a NON ISSUE!

Listening to CHAINS by Nick Jonas.

The need to hashtag everything today is REAL! 🙂

Wearing a loose maxi dress…standard dress code after gym! Loose and Comfortable.

Following Quantico has become my new favorite thing to do! I am addicted to crime and investigation series, this explains my choice of studies for my Masters. Can’t wait for the first day of class!

Noticing that today is probably the fifth time or so this whole year that I have sat in the TV room watching teli! You mean this is what the chill life looks like?

Thinking that 2016 will be a GOOOOOOOOOOD Year! My nigga I feel it! 🙂

Feeling super EXCITED that I will be done with my undergrad on FRIDAY!!! Whoop whoop…..Its been a good three and half years,a degree and a minor later, and  its about that time! #Graduatethings

I am Bookmarking all the books and articles I want to read next year!

Opening the KRA website…I finally retrieved my Pin. It’s been a whole year coming. I am actually quite embarrased that it took me that long but hey!

Giggling at all the jokes being cracked on this Baby Daddy show on 115…lol

What is your December looking like? I feel like its the perfect time to take STOCK for the whole year (Yeah I know, Captain obvious) and just reflect #Clichequeen! I have been taking a few minutes in the sauna everyday to do this and I might do a post,MIGHT!

Well anyway….I hope you get time to do the same.

Have a lovely week my readers, thank you for all the love you have shown me this year! It has been a great blogging 1 year journey! 66 posts, 1199 followers,7600 views and 3,283 visitors later! I cannot wait for many more to come!

P.S. I was going to do a blogversary post but it sucks that my blogs anniversary falls on the day just before my mothers passing anniversary and this year I couldn’t get myself to write.

ANNNNNNNYWAY, you guys have been AMAZING! THANK YOU A Million times over. I love you all!






She said, ” Whatever you decide, make sure it is your drug of choice.” She explained that many things on this earth have a drug element to them. Where you need those things but eventually they will eat away at you and its on you to decide how fast you want to go.

Looking at it like that is quite harsh but lets make it more real. For example,something simple like dating someone. Everyone has their flaws, but are their flaws something you are ready to deal with in the long term? His smelly feet or his quick temper. He is so so cute but he is extremely lazy, Take it or leave it? He is everything you want in a man but he is not goal oriented which for you is an essential.Can you compromise? Is he your drug of choice?

In an ideal situation where you get to chose where you work, the crammed office or the comfortable office space? Black coffee or Green Tea? Smirnoff black Ice or Jack Daniels? White Wine or Red Wine? They all do something to your liver, of course not the coffee and tea but the others,and so then… What is your drug of choice?

In a supermarket, depending on how much your debit card has. I believe debit is the best way to go btw…Hustle and make your money, and then you can spend as you wish because it is YOURS! anyway, so yes, the eggs that cost 25 Sek or the ones that are 13 Sek? Frozen meals or onions to go make the meal at home? A product made purely of sugar or the same snack with less sugar? Diabetes today or next week? What is your drug of choice?

Becoming a Junky and doing drugs or occasionally taking a whiff of petrol whenever you are at the gas station. Lol

I am not sure if i have made it any clearer, I have a feeling that I have somewhat distorted the meaning or not given adequate examples. However, for me that is the best advice I have got this year that I am carrying on to 2015. Quite fitting that we had that talk only a few days ago when the year is coming to a close.

Many decisions you make in life have consequences and you only have yourself  to blame when it was not the right one. Asking myself if a certain thing would be my “drug of choice” before I make a decision on it appeals to me. If my answer is Yes then I know I shall not regret it and if it is No, then, well, I have to think real hard because if it is not something I am ready to deal with then why the hell go on and pick it you know?

haha it sounds so black and white, oh the lies of ideal situations. BUT…

I sense easier decision making in the year to come and I couldn’t be more delighted. I hate being so lost when I have to decide on something. I know that this does not mean the decisions will be made in one go but at least my vision will be less obscure. More clear.

and il drink to that, Cheers to this lovely piece of advice,

Joy I pick you as my drug of choice of a confidant and adviser,

I love you.

and my readers always!

My heart,


I know its hard. The first time you found out must have been the hardest and even then it didn’t follow the rule and get easier. No, it just became harder. I know exactly what you are going through, I have been there.

They tell you they have discovered it early and they only need a few months of intense Chemotherapy and all other treatment and things will be under control. They are careful not to say that ” a few months” could be well over a year.

And so the process begins and at the “6 month” mark you are already getting ancy. She said she would be home, they said she would be home. Where is she? Why does the time keep getting prolonged? Doesn’t this Cancer person understand that you need your mother? You ask yourself almost everyday. You try to be strong but you fail miserably. You don’t want to talk about it because it is too painful but also because it means you have to think about the whole situation. You do not want to put your brain through that.

You already have had it up to your throat doing all the things she would be doing just to keep everything normal. You don’t mind doing these things but again you’re just a kid. We are kids until we leave their house right? Can’t cancer just get that part and leave? Can’t they just wake up one morning and spend enough money for the call to be transferred from abroad so that they can give you the good news? ” We can no longer see any active Cancer cells. She is coming home”

I know exactly how you feel, I went through the same exact thing. It gets better, that call is coming through. I just need you not to give up. More than her being strong for her herself, she needs you to be strong too. Okay?  You can do it. I know. He challenges only the best of us and not to see us fail, no, to see us succeed because He knows we have it in us. “The Best”  of us I said…not just anyone. He knows who can handle it and He picked you and I and them. So you got this.

I will walk with you and be right by your side when you need a shoulder to lean on and someone to dry your tears. When the emotions are at a peak, When missing her too much is an understatement. I will be here. It is what friends are for right? And how our friendship has been strengthened by this common evil, Cancer, I will definitely be here.

So now, let us be strong until she gets back.She is getting back, I don’t know when but she is. When she does, we will celebrate. Strong? Pound on it? You will be just fine.

All the love in the world,

from me to you.



Are you battling cancer?Do you know anyone battling cancer?

Aside from all that Chemo therapy and transplants and the unimaginable number of pills you have to take,( Those pills though,we literally had a mini pharmacy at home. Don’t get too excited though, just a cancer pharmacy not all sicknesses,sorry guys) positivity is another of those everyday things you have to “take” so to speak.

You have to be positive with this disease otherwise I kid you not it will eat away at you faster than you can comprehend. Do not give it that power. It really does thrive off bad vibes.

She lived 6 years post cancer, her South African Doctor, Professor Novitsky called her his ” Success story”. Aside from all that was done to help her beat this disease, her positivity was a great contributor to how long she survived. She didn’t think about it as cancer but just another disease that she would get healed of. She was not afraid of Cancer. She did not loom in misery because she had cancer. You would never know she had cancer if you met her. You know how I said I don’t want a pity party, I must have got it from my mama because neither did she.

If you were going to visit her and then linger on the subject of her cancer and “how are you getting by?are you in pain? ” she probably would be careful to have you over the next time. That was negativity that she knew would finish her. She didn’t want it.

In this time she found out a friend of hers had cancer too and on top of giving him the tips to healthy living and what he should do and not do, eat and not eat , she asked him to remain POSITIVE.

Its hard to remain positive when you have cancer. You feel like you could go any minute. He panicked. He could have stayed longer, It is possible to survive more than a year or two, if it is called out in its early stages. I believe it is possible. I think he passed on two years after diagnosis. May his soul rest in Peace.

The point is though… Be positive. Don’t let it drag you down, don’t change your lifestyle just because you have cancer. Sure you have to watch what you eat now and what you expose yourself to. But don’t stop living even before its time. Keep going out on dates, keep driving your children to school, take the holiday to Europe you had been saving for ( I have to tell you guys about that one soon) KEEP LIVING. It is not the End until HE says it is the end don’t let cancer coerce you into forcing HIM to take you before your time. ( I don’t know if people go before their time, we always say it was God’s plan, sometimes though I like to think we can extend it? I don’t know..religion, life and death, such a tricky subject)

So promise me? She did 6 years, maybe you can do 12? 12 though, such an achievable goal,maybe for the rest of your life? You know they could find the cure mid way and then BOOM! For the rest of your life is a reality! Promise me to stay positive?

Okay, now that we have an agreement, I am at peace.In your face Cancer, #mylifemychoice!

Till the next time I plan to bore you with long essays,

love and love