Staying strong

I know its hard. The first time you found out must have been the hardest and even then it didn’t follow the rule and get easier. No, it just became harder. I know exactly what you are going through, I have been there.

They tell you they have discovered it early and they only need a few months of intense Chemotherapy and all other treatment and things will be under control. They are careful not to say that ” a few months” could be well over a year.

And so the process begins and at the “6 month” mark you are already getting ancy. She said she would be home, they said she would be home. Where is she? Why does the time keep getting prolonged? Doesn’t this Cancer person understand that you need your mother? You ask yourself almost everyday. You try to be strong but you fail miserably. You don’t want to talk about it because it is too painful but also because it means you have to think about the whole situation. You do not want to put your brain through that.

You already have had it up to your throat doing all the things she would be doing just to keep everything normal. You don’t mind doing these things but again you’re just a kid. We are kids until we leave their house right? Can’t cancer just get that part and leave? Can’t they just wake up one morning and spend enough money for the call to be transferred from abroad so that they can give you the good news? ” We can no longer see any active Cancer cells. She is coming home”

I know exactly how you feel, I went through the same exact thing. It gets better, that call is coming through. I just need you not to give up. More than her being strong for her herself, she needs you to be strong too. Okay?  You can do it. I know. He challenges only the best of us and not to see us fail, no, to see us succeed because He knows we have it in us. “The Best”  of us I said…not just anyone. He knows who can handle it and He picked you and I and them. So you got this.

I will walk with you and be right by your side when you need a shoulder to lean on and someone to dry your tears. When the emotions are at a peak, When missing her too much is an understatement. I will be here. It is what friends are for right? And how our friendship has been strengthened by this common evil, Cancer, I will definitely be here.

So now, let us be strong until she gets back.She is getting back, I don’t know when but she is. When she does, we will celebrate. Strong? Pound on it? You will be just fine.

All the love in the world,

from me to you.