I have been going through the most recently and have been meaning to narrate the ordeal to you guys but the situation keeps unfolding and I think it is best to tell you when God is done working. That blog was meant to be the blog that got me back to being more present with my space here on the internet but I figured that I might as well write about other experiences in the meantime. So here we are.

I recently found out that my name, Barbara, originates from the Greek name Barbaros meaning foreign or strange OR traveler from a foreign land.

I don’t know why until recently I had never bothered to check the meaning of my name, but hey. All of those things are true about me. I could indeed be quite strange, just ask my siblings, but what resonated the most was the ‘traveler’ part of it.

Ever since I could remember, being up and about has been one of my truest joys. I remember always saying that I had to get a job that would let me see the world. I made sure that in whatever form or shape(this is why I can’t get my hands off books either, they literally transport you to another land), travel would be a part of my life and so my wanderlust was birthed. So far I have traveled to 12 countries, 8 of them in Europe. I have picked up a few tips that I would like to share for those with a heart for being on the move and especially in Europe.

Gamla Stan (Old Town in Stockholm, Sweden)

Wanderlust — A strong desire or urge to travel and explore the world. 



I am hoping that you are all well, it has been a while.

We are at the end of 2017, Imagine THAT! I don’t think any year will pass me by without making me think that it went by waaaaay too fast! Where does the time go?

The last time I did a post like this was in FEBRUARY ( I am quite embarrassed actually) and seeing as we are at the end of the year, I figure taking stock for the whole year makes more sense.

When was the last time you went camping?

No, not tented rooms and tented cabins kinda camping,

the real deal camping.

Tents, sleeping bags and camp fires type of camping?

It had been a while since I went proper camping and I was super duper excited for this trip.

Yeah I know, who gets excited to go sleep on the ground?

Well lets just say that adventure gets my blood pumping and not even the thought of creepy crawlies can deter me!

PLUS, I’m always up for a trip away from the city!

Have you ever wanted to escape?

To run away from it all?

From the hustle and bustle? The pressure and the stress?

To just ran away because you don’t want to deal at that particular moment?

To take a break, to relax, to have time for YOU?

To have time for you without having to do your EYEBROWS! (Bruh, the struggle is real! Lol)

Where better to take your worries than to the ocean? 

The coast is just one of those places you need for complete and utter relaxation. 

To take a beather and just be, no stress , no worries, no wahala. 



To go to infinity and beyond, to see the world and change the word, that there in lies hidden treasures of the earth, but of you too. Yourself, You, Me.

I will not truly have lived if i don’t scope the corners of this earth, to see more, find more, BE more.

Guys, guys, guys, I KNOW. I know I have been quiet on here and my love notes have been scarce. #Adulting has been real and I have just been trying to sort everything out. I have been taking each day at a time and things are slowly falling into place. Slowly but surely….

I hope you had a chance to read yesterday’s post and have 1 less pint of blood in your body if you know what I mean. You will regenerate it anyway, so why fret?

Soo…I came across this question tag on facebook and I thought it would be fun to do on here as a peace offering for going silent on you.

Apology accepted? Yes, no, maybe? lol

Okay, here we go fam 🙂


Why not #TembeaKenya to a county you have never been to? A weekend away with friends, good food, laughter, love and a whole lot of new memories?

My thirst for travel is real and I think I am rubbing it off on my friends. I can’t seem to sit still and after Ethiopia, I still felt like I was not done. I was not “balling” enough to travel out of the country but I needed to scratch. I was itching for new adventure, new lands, I was itching to travel.

I reached out to my friend Vanessa and laid it down for her, there were no options, it was Travel or Travel. I got the ball rolling and she got the plans in place. Nyandarua county was not ready for the 10 eager young adults coming it’s way.

Only though, WE were NOT ready for Nyandarua county!!!