I have been going through the most recently and have been meaning to narrate the ordeal to you guys but the situation keeps unfolding and I think it is best to tell you when God is done working. That blog was meant to be the blog that got me back to being more present with my space here on the internet but I figured that I might as well write about other experiences in the meantime. So here we are.

I recently found out that my name, Barbara, originates from the Greek name Barbaros meaning foreign or strange OR traveler from a foreign land.

I don’t know why until recently I had never bothered to check the meaning of my name, but hey. All of those things are true about me. I could indeed be quite strange, just ask my siblings, but what resonated the most was the ‘traveler’ part of it.

Ever since I could remember, being up and about has been one of my truest joys. I remember always saying that I had to get a job that would let me see the world. I made sure that in whatever form or shape(this is why I can’t get my hands off books either, they literally transport you to another land), travel would be a part of my life and so my wanderlust was birthed. So far I have traveled to 12 countries, 8 of them in Europe. I have picked up a few tips that I would like to share for those with a heart for being on the move and especially in Europe.

Gamla Stan (Old Town in Stockholm, Sweden)

Wanderlust — A strong desire or urge to travel and explore the world.